Welcome to my site!  My name is Kelly and I am the owner of the Admin’s Niche and I work as a virtual assistant.

A Virtual WHAT, you may ask … you read right, a virtual assistant.  I didn’t know this virtual industry existed until 2 years ago.  One day, Ali Fourie from AMF Typing Services (old work colleague of my mother’s) called up one day and said ‘Do you know how to do a form in Microsoft Word’.  I said ‘sure, that is an easy task for me’ and before I knew it I had my very first client and I started my journey into the Virtual Assistant World.

Virtual Assistant, typing, graphics, design, data capturing

Since then the world has opened up to me and so many new and exciting opportunities have come my way.  I now work as a full time VA to people in South Africa, America, Dubai and Australia.  I help them with tasks that take up their valuable time so they can concentrate on running their business and becoming a success.

When I left school, I had no idea what I wanted to become.  Everyone around me seemed to have a set 5 year plan and I felt silly because I didn’t know which direction I was going to go in.  I took a gap year and one of the conditions was that I studied for my ICDL (International Computer’s Driving Licence) and get a job to help out in the house.  Which is exactly what I did, I got a job at a Chiropractor’s Office as a receptionist and started getting my work experience.  Shortly after that, at an open day at the University of Johannesburg I discovered Corporate Communications and instantly fell in love with Public Relations, Marketing and everything that came with it.  I received my degree, BA Corporate Communication in 2007.  After that I completed my Certified Administrative Professional (with the specialised exam in Organisational Management) from the International Association for Administrative Professionals.

After my studies I worked as a Junior PR Practitioner in a small training company where I wore many hats and had to learn things quickly before I started to drown in my work.  Because of that wonderful opportunity, I have the necessary skills and understanding to do the following:

  • Setting up of company stationery
  • Graphic Design (logos, pictures, fancy looking text and more)
  • PowerPoint Graphics and setting up a slide show that will WOW all audiences
  • Typing Jobs (Documents, excel spreadsheets and converting from PDF to Word)
  • Photoshop (yes I can make you skinnier and make your skin silky smooth)
  • Website design
  • Email marketing
  • Newsletters (HTML and PDF)
  • Manage Social Media (From creation and everything in between)
  • And so much more!

I love what I do because I help others succeed.  It is a passion of mine and I am excited that I found this avenue to share my knowledge and expertise.

If you want to know how I can help you succeed – drop me a mail on kelly@theadminsniche.com, fill the form in below or give me a tinkle on +27 61 446 2041.  I promise I don’t bite.

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